Hiring an Electrician for Your Home?


Reviewing Quote.png

The majority of people choose the lowest price estimate to determine whether or not to proceed with a quoted job. However, when it comes to getting electrical work done in your home, there is more to consider than just the bottom-line price.  


Below I have outlined some items you need to consider when receiving quotes for electrical work. 


First, is the Electrician qualified?  Ensure the electrician is licensed & insured. The electrician needs to carry the proper liability insurance and pull the required permits for the job. This is imperative, in order protect your home


Second, is the estimate detailed?  Ensure that your estimate includes a detailed breakdown of the scope of work including the material breakdown and grantee. Will there be additional charges added to the estimate if the work is done off usual business hours? This is essential so there are no misunderstandings between the homeowner and electrician.


Third, what qualities and brands of materials are going to be used? Make sure the materials the electrician uses are CSA certified (or similar approved certifications). Items such as dimmers, smart switches and especially LED lights are notorious for not being certified.  The use of inferior products can leave your home in an unsafe condition, leading to increased risk and liability.


Fourth, is the electrician reliable?  Will the electrician arrive at your place on time and accomplish the task on the time frame promised? Can they work around the customer’s timeline and schedule to complete the task? I have seen jobs where the electrician disappears halfway through the job leaving the customer in a bind.


Fifth, is the electrician trustworthy?  This is particularly sensitive when working in a customer’s home.They must respect the home and avoid damaging its belongings.  When the work is complete, will they leave the work area clean and safe?


Sixth, get references on the electrician’s past work? Quality work is what is to be expected so having some references from past happy customers is reassuring. There is nothing more frustrating than to have shoddy or dangerous workmanship done in your home.


In conclusion, take the time to review and go over the estimate and don’t be afraid to ask for references. Don’t be tempted into accepting the lowest quotes thinking that you will save money. Remember an electrician has to issue certificates, buy quality materials, provide a quality workmanship, be reliable and trustworthy, and most importantly pull required permits and carry the proper insurance. 


Are you or someone you know planning to get some electrical work done in the Calgary area? We hope you reach out to us and tell us a bit about your project and your goals. We’d be happy to send over a qualified Calgary electrician to review your project and provide a free quote.