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Professional Electrical Safety Inspections

Our aim is for our customers to feel secure knowing they have a safe and properly working electrical system in their home.

At WESTPRO ELECTRICAL SERVICES, we offer electrical safety inspections to ensure your electrical system is working safely and correctly. If you find that your electrical system is not up to par, concerned about any safety aspect or for peace of mind our expert electricians can visit your home for an inspection and make note if any corrections are needed to ensure it meets todays safety standards. We offer this service as a standalone or combined with any of our services.

What gets inspected:

  • Visual overview of the electrical service entry, meter and panel for overall condition and location accessibility
  • Inspect electrical panel for age, connections and operation
  • Check for aluminum wiring
  • Verify safety devices such as GFCI and ARC fault protection are in place and functioning
  • Inspect a representative number of receptacles for proper grounding, wiring and operation
  • Inspect a representative number of interior lighting and switches
  • Test smoke/CO detectors for function and check expiry date
  • Inspect attic and unfinished areas in the home for open junction boxes and improper wiring
  • Inspect outdoor lighting and outlets

We include a written report with a brief description of the electrical systems and point out any anomalies and safety concerns.

An electrical inspection is recommended for

  • Older homes typically 20 years or more
  • Homes that have had renovations or upgrades done i.e. kitchen upgrades, basement development. Particularly if there are no visible signs of city permits
  • Real-estate transaction
  • Homes that are experiencing some electrical issues i.e. faulty devices, breakers tripping.
  • Insurance coverage,when requested from your home insurance company

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