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What is a power surge?

A power surge is basically a spike, usually lasting less than a thousandth of a second, in your home's electrical power (voltage and/or current). Although the spike is momentary, it can prove to be costly as it can damage your electronics, appliances and lighting equipment.

Where do power surges come from?

The most known power surges originate from lightening. However, lightning, although a more intense power surge, is not the most common cause of home power surges. There are more common and frequent surges that occur in your home that go unnoticed. Some of these surges come from places such as: Your utility company, equipment failure, power outage, etc. These power surges occur more frequently and gradually degrade your appliances over time. 

Protecting your home from power surges

Most homes have smart appliances and electronics that require continuous surge protection. You can protect your home by installing a whole house surge protector. A whole house surge protector will suppress power surges from entering your electrical system. This device is installed beside your main electrical panel. This protects all your circuits in your home and can limit the risk of expensive damage and appliance failure. It protects circuit boards on highly sensitive electronics of all home appliances such as washers, dryers, stoves, fridges, dishwashers, microwave, computers and smart devices, TV's, LED light bulbs, and so much more.

Considering that most home insurance companies do not cover damages to appliances from power surges it can prove to be costly. Installing a whole home surge protector  helps extend your home's equipment life and ultimately saving you time, frustration and money. 

Installing a whole home surge protector 

If you are considering installing a whole house surge protector, WESTPRO ELECTRICAL SERVICES would be happy to help. Give us a call to schedule your free no obligation quote.  We are your local Calgary electrician you can trust.

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