Five Electrical Safety Checks For Homeowners



When there are faulty electrical devices or any electrical issues in your home, these issues should be resolved as soon as possible. Unaddressed electrical issues may make your family vulnerable to potential electrical and fire hazards. Westpro Electrical Services has compiled a list of five electrical issues that homeowners should be aware of and know when to call a professional to fix it.

Tip #1: Tripped breakers
If a breaker has tripped, you will want to shut off the breaker to the off position and then reset it back to the on position. If the breaker trips instantly, this may be a sign of a short circuit (an electrical problem) or it trips periodically or after a short period of time, this may a sign of an overloaded circuit. Do not attempt to force or continuously resetting the breaker. Breakers are meant to protect the branch wiring of the home and ignoring this may be a potential fire hazard. It’s best to contact an electrician to investigate and repair the electrical problem.

Tip #2: Exposed wires
Exposed wires are an issue that unfortunately, many homeowners may go living in their home without ever realizing there are exposed wires to the touch. Some may be hidden, and others can be in plain sight. If there are any wires that you are unsure of or exposed, do not touch or remove/repair. They may live and can cause shock and injury. If you do come across any exposed wires, it best to call an electrician to rectify and safe out the exposed wires.

Tip #3: Open junction boxes or missing cover plates
This is one of the most common issues I typically come across. It may seem harmless and easy to ignore. However, electrical boxes without cover plates expose the homeowner, especially young children, to live electrical parts. Furthermore, the live parts may also come in contact with other objects, which may lead to a potential electrical fire. This may be a simple fix, however, there are instances where to due to damaged outlets, or an excessive amount of wires in an outlet box may make the install the cover places challenging or unsafe for the homeowner and should be left to an electrician to fix it.

Tip # 4: Extension cords hazards
Extension cords are for temporary use, but a lot of people plug them in various places, and they stay there forever. Here are some scenarios where area extension cords can be a hazard. Extension cords under rugs (susceptible to damage) run through a wall (not rated for enclosed areas) extremely long run or undersized cable, which may overheat the cables. Utilizing interior use only cord used for exterior use. These are potential fire hazards. If one of these scenarios describes your current standing, consider calling an electrician to find a permanent solution such as installing an additional electrical outlet and removing the temporary extension cord.

Tip #5: Overheated devices and flickering/dimming lights
When coming across plugs or switches that are hot to the touch or experience flickering/dimming lights, this may be an issue with the electrical system and should not be ignored. There may be few reasons for these issues, such as loose electrical splice, undersized wiring, or a large electrical load on a single outlet. Take note if the home has aluminum wiring, as this may also be an issue. If the problem persists or unsure, it is best to call an electrician to evaluate the issue.

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