About Westpro Electrical Services

WESTPRO ELECTRICAL SERVICES is an electrical service company that specializes in home electrical repairs, installation and renovation in Calgary and surrounding area.Owned and operated by Marco Carello a master electrician with over 20 years’ experience.

Marco worked many years in the electrical industry and having spent last few years working directly with homeowner’s and home service industry professionals. What Marco observed, was how there were many electricians specializing in larger residential or commercial construction projects were using residential service work as a “fill in” for their schedules.

The residential market was not being suitably represented by a dedicated residential electrician with the necessary training, aptitude and passion for residential service work. So, Westpro Electrical Services was created to specialize in residential electrical services to provide a comprehensive electrical service that is friendly, efficient and geared towards helping homeowners in the Calgary area.



Marco Carello | Master Electrician in Calgary

Marco Carello a master electrician with over 20 years’ experience in electrical contracting, design and installation. Marco owns and runs Westpro Electrical Services, who specializes in residential electrical service and repairs. Having been qualified since 1998 he also holds a range of additional qualifications. Marco is an Energy Advisor registered with Natural Resources Canada, is certified in Radon mitigation (C-NRPP), is an accredited Home Inspector and is a certified Level I Thermographer (ITC trained).

We strive to provide the best possible electrical service to our clients, by making each and every customer feel important, ensuring that each and every job no matter how small ensures customer satisfaction, outstanding customer service at a reasonable price.



  • Listen, Care, Serve & Contribute
  • Integrity
  • Time & Freedom
  • Dependability & Reliability
  • Self-Improvement
  • Building Relationships



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