Why DIY Electrical Work Is A Bad Idea



The idea of saving money with a DIY or a do-it-yourself project can be a tempting prospect, especially if they involve small home improvement projects. However, when it comes to electrical work hiring the service of a qualified electrician is recommended and many cases mandatory.

Tampering with your home’s electrical system without working knowledge of the system can have unwanted results. It may be something minor as a faulty circuit or may lead to a more disastrous result. 

If you still plan on taking the DIY route, we suggest you look deeper into what makes DIY electrical work a bad idea. Here we’ve covered the eventual outcomes of DIY electrical work and the steps to consider when choosing an affordable electrician.

1. Can cause electric shocks or fire hazards.
All electrical work is dangerous so if you aren’t experienced in electrical work things can easily go wrong. According to Electrical Safety Authority “30% of deaths related to electrical work in the home occur when people are renovating, installing, maintaining or doing repair work.”

Forgetting to switch off circuit breakers or connecting the wrong wires can lead to electric shocks causing severe injuries or even death. Similarly, faulty wiring or inadequate workmanship may cause faulty circuits, expose hazards to occupants and may also lead to fire hazards.

2. You could experience electrical failures.
Electrical work is harder than it looks. Licensed electricians undergo training for years before they can practice in the field. Limited knowledge or a lack of experience, in the majority of the cases, are the cause of inadequate electrical work. This can lead to electrical failures and the consequences of thereafter.

3. Your work may not be up to code.
To carry electrical work in your house in most cases requires a permit. With new electrical codes always evolving being update with new requirements can be a daunting task for someone does not have the qualification and experience. Failure to obtain the necessary permitting may have adverse consequences i.e. the home may not be up to current electrical standards. If an electrical failure and/or fire were to occur due to unpermitted electrical work, home insurance can be problematic.     

4. You may end up spending more.
The main reason people engage in DIY projects is to save money. However, when work has to be redone, repaired, or put to code after a completed work, a DIY project can cost more than professional work. It is best to get it done right the first time. You also have the peace of mind that the electrical work is done to code, it works properly and most importantly it’s safe.

Do things right - Hire a professional
Whether you need an electrical issue fixed or you’re renovating your home, you must leave the electrical work to the experts. For reliable and safe electrical services, you’ll need to enlist a professional who’s certified as an electrical journeyman. To install new wiring or make changes to existing wiring, you’ll require a master electrician to pull the essential permits.

Once you identify an electrical company that meets the above requirements, you’ll need to verify if they hold liability insurance. Workplace liability insurance (WCB) is vital to cover the cost of damages or injuries on the worksite. If the company doesn’t have this, in the event of misfortune, you could be held liable.

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